Diamonds Africa (PTY) LTD is a proudly South African Company. We specialise in Rough and Polished Diamonds. We offer excellent light performance triple ex, GIA-certified stones of all colours, carats, clarities and shapes. Rest assured, our diamonds are blood-free and Kimberley-processed.


Our company was established in the year 2000 by Munirah Desai. We bought our first diamond from Mr. Wolf and accidentally called him Mr. Fox. This was the birth of our passionate journey into the diamond world.


Diamonds Africa is propelled by our values and visions. We dance our way to attain the twinkle, the flash, the dazzle and razzmatazz of scintillation peering into the future, we build memories and create history. We serenade romance. Clutching close to our hearts are our sense of morals, duty, conscience, ethics, ideals, integrity and our sense of honour. These values and visions are the foundation of our company. They will be the values we adhere to, as long as Mother Africa holds us in her bosom.


We are African! In our veins, flow diamonds, our heart pumps diamonds, so no matter what, as Diamonds Africa, you can never remove our rainbow sparkle and our sense of Ubuntu (brotherhood). United we stand! A guide to the journey of our life and business.


To unearth the world’s most beautiful diamonds, created in fore with passion, ravaged and birthed from deep within the earth, sourced from a world-renowned diamond company, brightening sparkling dazzling, lovingly crafted by the most skilled cutters, using the most advanced technology, certified by the most prestigious lab, providing the most ethical responsible promise of BEAUTY WITH A CONSCIENCE. Resulting in the creation of everlasting memories passed on from generation to generation.


We will move mountains and jump boulders to serve your diamond needs.


We have a consistent supply of diamonds in any size, colour, cut and clarity of your choice.


The diamonds we supply are mined from legitimate sources in South Africa.


We are proudly affiliated with De Beers and the State Diamond Trader (SDT).


Our vision and our values are the strength and support system of our business structure. We aim to be the most efficient, professional and trustworthy diamond polishing company, with a view to become a world player in the diamond industry.

Our vision is to be able to achieve profitability, so that we may achieve our dreams of using our dollars to be sustainable in benefiting society.


Our history has been hustle and hustle. We are proud to have been chosen by De Beers and the State Diamond Trader as special clients. This gives us the opportunity to serve you. We are now able to supply you with any size, clarity and colour of diamonds. We are promised a bespoke, consistent supply of rough diamonds, which are cut and polished in South Africa by South Africans.


For Diamonds Africa, De Beers has optimised interventions in all aspects of rough procurement, processing, marketing, infrastructure development to the source of funding and entrepreneurship acceleration through Raizcorp. Our passion, your future!